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Au début du 20° siècle les usines textiles aux États-Unis étaient un espace ou le pouvoir des patrons s’exerçait de façon souvent abusive. Peu à peu cependant des voix s’élevèrent, et le silence fit place au bruit de la révolte. Les élèves de TL1 et TL2 de la classe d’anglais Langue Vivante Approfondie de Mme Rauch ont travaillé sur la rhétorique du discours : comment le langage peut devenir un instrument de contre-pouvoir. Écoutez-les lire les discours étudiés en classe, et/ou qu'ils ont eux-mêmes rédigés.

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Il s'agit de courts poèmes de 5 vers rimés en AABBA au sujet humoristique, grotesque ou absurde. Les 1ère LELE se sont prêtés à l'exercice.



L'humour noir 

Découvrez les 3 vidéos réalisées par les élèves de 106 non abibac pour clôturer avec brio leur projet sur l'humour noir.

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Black: are you afraid ? 

Here are two stories written by students.

Story 1 : Crime at the big Apple  

He couldn’t stand it anymore. He had had suspicions for months. His wife, his soul-mate for 10 years, was cheating on him. He wasn’t completely sure, but it had been a while since she came home late after work. She seemed both distracted and distant and the day before they had had this strange conversation:

“George, I have to tell you something, it’s been six months…I’m finally ready, but it has to wait until tomorrow night…I want you to forgive me, that’s all I can say for now… It’s a family matter.”

George thought: “My wife is trying to tell me that tomorrow, she will confess to having an affair….makes sense, doesn’t it?

“Yes no problem. I hope it’s nothing important”, George answered.

“Well, actually it is…” Liz replied.

George was now sure. His wife was seeing someone else. Everything fell apart. At that moment, he made his decision. The next day, he would kill her. He, George Tucker, the famous doctor from New-York, deceived by his wife! He couldn’t bear the offence. So, he planned to wait for her as she had required at 8 o’clock and he would then shoot her before she even realized that her own husband was killing her. He would then throw her body into the lake. Quick. Fast. No evidence.

The next day arrived. Everything went on as planned. At 8 pm, the door opened and his wife showed up in the living room, beaming. Before she made a move, he grabbed the gun and shot her. She fell down. A pool of blood surrounded her.

But shortly after, another woman showed up and said, horrified : “What have you done to my twin ? “

George thought: “You’ve got to be kidding me. That was the secret. She has a twin! If I had known, I wouldn’t have had to kill my own wife ! Oh my God, what have I done? I killed the wrong one!”

He heard a noise coming from the street. He went to the window to see what was going on. His mother in law was parking. She looked at him and exclaimed : “ You look aghast !Has someone died?”

Sarra KORCHANE 106


Story 2 : A birthday with a touch of revenge

            Today was not a common day; it was Chris’s 32nd birthday. His girlfriend Hanna had prepared this event two months beforehand. What should she buy? It was a difficult choice. More than Chris’s birthday, it was Chris’s and Hanna’s anniversary meeting. If she had known she wouldn’t have been  so stressed.

            Two years beforehand Chris and Hanna had met on a dating site. Chris had been a man with some qualities but also with a lot of shortcomings. He had been very impatient and grouchy among others. Contrary to him, Hanna  had been signed in  by a friend. Hanna was a sensitive and calm woman. Chris didn’t like this kind of personality. By chance or rather as a result of a gamble (made with a friend) he had invited her to eat at a posh restaurant and they had eventually met. Their first meeting wasn’t idyllic. Chris kept talking about his job and finances.  Hanna hadn’t understood his conversation, hadn’t appreciated the meal and had been very tired. However she had found something in him which appealed her and it was reciprocal which is why they had drawn gradually together and they had become inseparable.

            If the idea of the present haunted Hanna’s mind, it was not all. In fact for some weeks she had noted a change in Chris’s attitude. He had become more distant, colder with her. They no longer talked. When Hanna asked him why he came back so late, he answered: “I have a lot of work these days” or “I lost track of the time”. Today she had wanted Chris to come earlier to celebrate their anniversary meeting but he had told her that he would go to friends’ for a drink. But it was too much, this afternoon, after  lunch , Hanna decided to follow Chris but it was impossible for her to imagine what would happen next. Hanna knew where Chris worked but he was using another route in  the opposite direction from his office. Chris stopped in front of a very rich and impressing villa in the city of Colombia, a city apparently uneventful and calm. But Hanna recognized this house right away; it was Cindy’s, his secretary’s.

            Cindy was a very nice and very beautiful woman whom Chris had spotted. Cindy was a tall woman with blond hair who seemed attracted by Chris. They had worked together for more than three years but Hanna couldn’t stand her; she was too naïve and hypocritical.

            Hanna was ashamed of her doubts . She usually found her boyfriend honest but not at present. However she wanted to clarify this story. She waited for a moment in her car, considering the advantages and the disadvantages. Hanna slowly opened the door, got out her car and advanced cautiously towards the villa. What did she see? Everything she didn’t want to see, everything she had ever imagined, everything she had feared. Perky Cindy was dressed in  a skin-tight dress and high heels. She was hugging Chris while  wishing him a happy birthday. Hanna’s mind was filled with bad ideas.  What did she have to do? Turn back? Stay there? After a moment of reflexion, her anger took over and she finally decided to act but act cleanly and discreetly. Hanna moved into the garden and examined the situation: a garden, a swimming-pool, a rake.

            Cindy returned to the house, probably to bring Chris’s gift, when suddenly Hanna took the rake, jumped on Chris and she wished him his birthday for the last time. She looked at her boyfriend and hit him. The victim fell down on the floor and Hanna threw his body into the pool. Yet it was only half of the work done. Hanna whose anger did not abate decided now to attack her rival: Cindy. It was too late to stop and to abandon. Cindy left the house with a little package in her hand.

“John! John!” called the mistress, joyfully.

“John is in the swimming-pool. I’m afraid he can’t answer you any longer…” Hanna answered with a touch of cynicism.

“Hanna! What are you doing here?” asked Cindy, very surprised.

“I have some things to solve. By the way I never could stand you but this is the past. Before I forget Chris is in the swimming-pool”, Hanna added.

            Cindy rushed to find Chris. She found him unconscious in the pool.  Thoughtlessly she wanted to rescue and to bring him back but it was too late.  What a pity! This is when the opportunity presented itself to finish the work which she had begun. Not once, not twice Hanna jumped on Cindy as she had done with Chris and drowned Cindy who had no time to struggle. Eventually were they not too cute in the pool together?

            But, Hanna didn’t control everything. Thirty minutes after the murders somebody rang at the door. Had somebody seen her? What should she do in this case? She didn’t know that Cindy had invited guests to celebrate Chris’s birthday party. All the guests were present. Panic set in. The guests passed through the garden gate which had remained opened. There were some Chris’s co-workers, neighbours and other friends and each of them was very enthusiastic. Hanna noticed fireworks around the pool and she decided to light the fire in order to save time. She sneaked between the guests, lit the fireworks and came back to the house. Suddenly the firework blew up and it was at this moment that the guests saw the lovely couple in the swimming pool, the couple that they had been waiting for a long time. Obviously the guests, possibly drunk, joined them thinking that it was a joke!  Chris’s “happy” birthday ended with everybody in the pool (until they realized there was something strange) under the gaze of Hanna , amused and satisfied with what she had achieved. Her only regret: she would have liked them to suffer more …alas! You should learn, dear readers, that Hanna was  later sent to  a psychiatric hospital. Surprising isn’t it?

 Clara Ritter-Wendling  106





The American national anthem.


Le document suivant regroupe des travaux sur le thème "bullying" (harcèlement).


Ce document est un poème écrit dans le cadre de l'activité: "talking about oneself".